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Question tags – complex sentences – Exercise 3

Exercise in Complex sentence

A sentence having one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses is known as complex sentence.

Generally, the tag of the main clause is used as the question tag for a complex sentence.

But, if the subject of a main clause is first person I,  then the question tag of the subordinate clause is used for such complex sentences.

This method is discussed in some of the questions of the following exercise.

So, let’s go to the exercise and try to find out answers for the following questions given below.



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1. Jacob said that he would meet the expense,________?


2. Tell him that he will get all concessions, ____?


3. Hope he will win, _____?


4. Let’s hope that we will be proficient in Grammar soon,______?


5. When he reached the railway station, the train had left, ______?




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