Question tags – complex sentences – Exercise 3

Exercise in Complex sentence A sentence having one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses is known as complex sentence. Generally, the tag of the main clause is used as the question tag for a complex sentence. But, if the subject of a main clause is first person I,  then the question tag of […]

Question tags -Imperative sentences-Exercise 2

Exercise  in imperative sentences The question tags of  imperative sentences  are always   will you?  or   won’t you? In normal sense, if the sentence is positive,   will you?  is the question tag,   and                                  if the sentence […]

Question tags – Assertive sentences – Exercise 1

The general pattern of question tag is,  Auxiliaries + positive/negative meaning + pronoun of the subject + ? If the sentence is positive, the tag is negative. eg:  He is playing football, isn’t he? If the sentence is negative , the tag is positive. eg:  He is not playing football,  is he? Keeping these facts […]

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