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Noun in its different kinds

Nouns are classified into different kinds.

  1. Proper Noun


Denoting the name of some particular persons, places or things.


Eg; Martin, Mary, Delhi, Beijing, Samsung, etc…



  1. Common Noun

Denoting a name common to every person, place or thing of the same class or kind.

Eg ;  Boy, Girl, School, College, Television, etc….


  1. Collective Noun

Denoting the name of  a collection or group of persons, places or things taken together.

Eg: Team, bunch, volley, crowd, mob , etc…


  1. Concrete Noun

Nouns  that can be touched and seen.

Eg:  Pen, bottle, jar, car, etc…


  1. Abstract Noun


Nouns that can only be felt but can neither be touched nor be seen.  That is,  the name of a quality, action, or state.


Eg:  Pain, distress, happiness, goodness, boyhood, wisdom, etc….


  1. Countable Noun

Denoting the name of  persons, things, places ,etc..that we can count.

Eg: Orange, apple, book, table, boy, girl,  etc…


  1. Uncountable Noun


Denoting the name of things that we cannot count .


Eg:  Wisdom, salt, water, kindness, etc….

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