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Framing of questions

Before studying to frame questions, we have to learn all the most relevant question words and their purposes and also understand more about the types and patterns of interrogative sentences

Types of sentences

Different types of sentences. On the  basis of  ‘ nature ‘ and  ‘ construction ‘, there are different types of sentences.   On the basis of  ‘nature’ sentences can be divided into ‘4 types’. They are I.  ASSERTIVE  OR DECLARATIVE SENTENCES       Denoting ‘a statement’ or  ‘a declaration’. eg: The President visited Paris The […]

Sentence, structure, predicate and complement

A  sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense.    eg: We often plan tour programmes for a refreshment  In the above example  we can see seven words  without  ‘ a ‘ and it is grouped in a particular order  for making a complete sense. That means only a group of words cannot […]

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