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Past Continuous Tense



Past continuous tense is used to denote an action that was continuing in the past.

Eg: John was reading an article.

      Martin and his wife were travelling to Kent.

      You were searching grammar in the site.


As we studied Present continuous tense and its pattern, here, we can make the pattern of past continuous tense by referring the above examples,  as,

S + was/ were + V+ing + O.


Here, as the verb is in continuous form,  that is  ‘V+ing’,  the past tense forms of  ‘Be’ ,  that is  ‘was’  and  ‘were’, should come as auxiliary verbs to show that the continuing verb was continuing in the past tense.

If subject is  ‘singular’  in number, the auxiliary verb  ‘was’ is used with  ‘V+ing’.

eg: Thomas  was  playing  Billiards.

 Here, the subject ‘Thomas’ is  ‘singular’, so the auxiliary verb ‘was’ is used with the continuous verb ‘playing’.


If subject is ‘plural’  in number, the auxiliary verb ‘were’ is used with ‘V+ing’.

eg: They were discussing the matter.

Here, the subject ‘They’  is ‘plural’ in number, so the auxiliary verb ‘were’ is used with ‘V+ing’.


More examples.

Many of us were moving to the station

S–> Many of us (plural), so, ( were + move + ing)

Robert was conducting a programme.

S–> Robert ( singular), so, ( was + conduct + ing)

The evening was getting more beautiful.

S—> The evening (singular),so, ( was + get + ing)

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