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No sooner ………. than

No sooner……than.

It is used to  rewrite sentences denoting two simultaneous past actions  like As soon as

Eg:   No sooner  did he reach the office  than he got a transfer order.


Let’s study the following steps to rewrite sentences.


* First of all, the words  ‘As soon as,   soon,   at once,     when,    scarcely….when,  Hardly…..when, ‘  etc to be  avoided.

* ‘No sooner’  should be written in the beginning of the first part of the sentence.

* Change the first part of the sentence into auxiliary beginning interrogative style.

* The first part of  the sentence should always be in simple past.

* Then, write the second part of the sentence beginning with  ‘than’.    


Now  let’s try to rewrite the following sentences with   ‘No  sooner ……  than’.

  • As soon as  my friend explained the matter,  I could understand everything.

       Ans.    No sooner did my friend explain the matter than I could understand everything.

                  Here, the first part of the sentence is written in auxiliary beginning interrogative style and the second part begins with ‘than’.    Also,  ‘As soon as’ is avoided.


  • Jacob finished his speech.  At once,  the audience stood up and applaused.

      Ans.  No sooner did Mr. Jacob finish his speech   than  the audience stood up and applaused.

               Here,  the phrase  ‘At once’  is avoided.


  • Scarcely had  he started his exercise  when  he felt  an illness.

       Ans.   No sooner did he start his exercise than he felt an illness.

                  Here,  ‘Scarcely……when’  is avoided.  

               As per rule,  the first part of the sentence in past perfect tense is  changed  into simple past tense.


  • Hardly  had my wife come home when she presented me a birthday gift. 

Ans.    No sooner did my wife come home  than  she presented me a birthday gift.

Here,   ‘Hardly……when’  is avoided.

                    And also,  the Past perfect form of the  first part is changed into simple past tense.

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