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Reported speech in exclamatory sentences

In exclamatory sentences

As we know,  exclamatory sentences are used to denote strong feelings,  and also they have two different patterns, such as,

1  What +   (a + adjective + noun/ pronoun)  + V + S  + O ! (exclamation mark)

eg: What a lovely man is your husband !

Before reporting,  change the sentence into statement form by avoiding ‘what’ as  

S + V + ( a + adjective + noun/ pronoun)’, that is ,  

your husband is a lovely man.


2  How + adjective/adverb + S + V + O ! (exclamation  mark)

eg: How wonderful the picture is !    

 How  beautifully you sang the song !

Before reporting the sentence,   change it  into statement form by adding  ‘Very’  before  ‘adjective’ or  ‘adverb’ instead of   ‘How’, as   

S + V + O + Very + adj/adv.,  

that is,

The picture is very wonderful.

You sang the song very beautifully.


After doing it,  exclamatory sentences can be reported by applying required changes.  

And also it should be noted that,   after the reporting subject   ‘exclaim that/ exclaims that’  or   ‘exclaimed that’ or   ‘will/shall exclaim that’  should be written according to the tense form of the reporting verb,

that is,

if  ‘simple present’,    ‘exclaim that/ exclaims that’  should be written,

if ‘simple past’ ,      ‘exclaimed that’   should be written,

if ‘simple future’,     ‘will/shall exclaim that’ should be written


So, let’s try to report  the exclamatory sentences given below,

1  Mathew says, ”  How  beautiful the sky is ! ”

( reporting verb  ‘says’  and  ‘the direct speech’  are in simple present form)

Mathew exclaims that the sky is very beautiful.  (  S + V + very + adj )

( Here,  ‘ exclaims that’  is written,   as the reporting verb is simple present.   So, the indirect speech is also  written in simple present)


2  John said, ” What  a wonderful dream is it !”

    ( reporting verb  ‘said’  is  ‘simple past’  and  ‘the direct speech’ is in  ‘simple present’ form )

John exclaimed that it was a wonderful dream.  ( S + V + ( a + adj + pronoun) )

( Here, ‘exclaimed that’ is written,  as the reporting verb is  ‘simple past’.   As the reporting verb is  ‘simple past’,  the direct speech is changed into  ‘simple past tense’  from simple present) 


3   My wife will say, ”  How lovely you are !”

( reporting verb ‘will say’  is   ‘simple future’  and   ‘the direct speech’  is  in  ‘simple present form’)

My wife will exclaim that I am very lovely.

( Here, as the reporting verb is  ‘simple future’,    ‘will exclaim that’ is written.    As the reporting verb is ‘simple future’,    the tense form of the direct speech is not changed )


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