Reported speech in exclamatory sentences

In exclamatory sentences As we know,  exclamatory sentences are used to denote strong feelings,  and also they have two different patterns, such as, 1  What +   (a + adjective + noun/ pronoun)  + V + S  + O ! (exclamation mark) eg: What a lovely man is your husband ! Before reporting,  change the […]

Reported speech in interrogative sentences

Reported speech in interrogative sentences Interrogative sentences are in two types, that is, 1 Question word beginning interrogative sentences Pattern– QW. + Aux + S + V + O ? Eg: When did he give you the book ? 2 Auxiliary beginning interrogative sentences or  ‘Yes’  or ‘No’ questions Pattern – Aux + S + […]

Reported speech – exceptional rules in imperative sentences

Exceptional rules. Rule 1  When the direct speech expresses a  ‘wish’,  it is to be reported differently from a normal imperative sentence, as explained below; Let’s look the following sentences expressing wishes, May God bless you May the new year materialize your dreams May the coming spring bring you wonderful days Here we can see […]

Reported speech in imperative sentences

Reported speech in imperative sentence. As we know,  imperative sentence is used to denote a ‘wish’, ‘warning’, ‘advice’, ‘order’, ‘command’, ‘suggestion’, ‘request’, etc. Before reporting an imperative sentence,    the reporting verb in the question is to be changed, according to  the sense that the sentence expresses  and also in accordance with the tense form […]

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