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Voices – Complex sentences – Exercise 6

A sentence having one main clause  and  one or more sub-ordinate clauses is known as complex sentence. If  both the main clause and sub-ordinate clause have objects, its voice can be changed, as done  in assertive sentences.   And also understand that  a  complex sentence may  have opposite  voices in their clauses.  If  the  main […]

Voices – Imperative sentences – Exercise 5

Before going to the exercise,  let’s understand imperative sentences once more. To study Voices,  imperative sentences are divided into Positive meaning and Negative meaning. Each is further divided into 2 types, as shown below. Positive meaning I type Av–>  V + O eg:  Clean the room Pv–>  Let + O + be + V3 eg: […]

Voices in Interrogative sentences – Exercise 4

Interrogative sentences are two types.  They are  1 Question word beginning. General pattern of Active Voice  :   QW + Aux + S + V + O ? General pattern of Passive Voice:    QW + Aux + O + be + V3 + by + S. 2 Auxiliary beginning. General pattern of  Active Voice: […]

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