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Voices – Imperative sentences – Exercise 5

Before going to the exercise,  let’s understand imperative sentences once more.

To study Voices,  imperative sentences are divided into Positive meaning and Negative meaning.

Each is further divided into 2 types, as shown below.

Positive meaning

I type

Av–>  V + O

eg:  Clean the room

Pv–>  Let + O + be + V3

eg:    Let the room be cleaned

II type- showing request

Av–> Please/kindly + V + O

eg:  Please  read it once more

Pv–> You are requested to + V +O

eg:  You are requested to read it once more


Negative meaning

I type

Av–> Don’t + V + O

eg:   Don’t  drink liquor

Pv–> Let + O + be + not + V3

eg:  Let liquor be not drunk

II type— showing request

Av–> Please/kindly + don’t + V+ O

eg:   Please don’t disturb him

Pv–> You are requested not to + V + O

eg:  You are requested not to disturb him 


Now, let’s go to solve the questions in the exercise.


Change the voice

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1. Discuss the matter.


2. You are requested to move a bit.


3. Let the door be not opened.


4. Please never say that.


5. Study well.


6. Never repeat it.


7. Don’t drive fast.


8. May God bless you.


9. Don’t close the door.


10. Let’s  finish the exercise.




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