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Future Continuous Tense


Future continuous tense is used to denote an action continuing at   some time in future.

 As it is a continuous tense, the ‘ing’ form of the verb should be used,  and  also, the ‘be’ forms should be used as auxiliary verbs to show in which tense the ‘verb‘ is continuing.

Here, the  future tense forms of  ‘be’,  ‘will be’ and shall be,  should be used as auxiliary verbs.

Now,  we can make the pattern of  future continuous tense as,

S + will/shall+ be + V+ing + O

Here, in the pattern,  will/shall + be  is written together for convenience, instead of being written as  ‘will be’/ shall be.

Here also ‘will/ shall’ is written on the basis of ‘persons’ and the ‘conditions’  of future tense as explained in simple future tense.

Eg: Martin and Peter will be travelling to Sweden. 

      They  shall be cleaning the room.


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