The most probable changes in Reported speech

Let’s go through the examples to find out the changes.


I.  Ronit  said, “  I  want to go outside”

Ronit said that he  wanted to go outside 

( here, the pronoun  and the tense changed)

 So the pronouns and tenses may be changed


II.  Jacob said to Varghese, “ I  will call you tomorrow

Jacob told Varghese that he would call him the  next day 

( here, mainly the timing word tomorrow changed as the next day along with the pronoun and the tense)

So  ‘the timing words’  may be changed


III. Tom said, “ Why did  my friends  insult me ?”  (  interrogative sentence)

     Tom asked why  his friends had insulted him. (declarative sentence)

 ( Here  the sentence totally changed, that is  ‘the interrogative direct speech’  is changed as  ‘declarative reported speech’  and  the possessive adjective   ‘my’  is changed as the possessive adjective  ‘his’,  and also the ‘first person’ object  ‘me’ is changed as the ‘third person’ object  ‘him’ along with the normal changes in tense and others)

So we can understand that   ‘the persons’,  ‘possessive adjectives’ and  ‘the whole sentence’ may be changed.


IV.  Jancy  said,   “  please,  allow me to take the pen.  It is mine”  ( the underlined is an imperative sentence)

Jancy requested to allow her to take the pen and said that it  was  hers.

( Here, the  ‘bare infinitive’  ‘allow’  is changed as  the  ‘to- infinitive’  ‘to allow’  and  ‘the possessive pronoun’  ‘mine’ is changed as  ‘the possessive  pronoun’ ‘hers’, along with normal changes in tenses and others)

So,  ‘bare- infinitives’  may be changed into  ‘to- infinitives’  and  ‘the possessive pronouns’  too changed.


Hence, we have to study about these changes in detail  to change a ‘Direct speech’ into an ‘Indirect speech’ or   ‘Reported speech’.

That is the changes  mainly related to;

 1 Tenses

 2  Pronouns

 3  Timing words

4  Sentences

5  Persons

6  Infinitives

7  Possessive adjectives and

8  Possessive pronouns  continue reading

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