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Weak form of ‘not’ with auxiliaries in Question tag.


We have studied that, to add negative meaning to a  question tag, the weak form of ‘not’, that is  ‘n’t’, is to be added with the auxiliary verb.

Here in this topic, we are going to study the  weak form of  ‘not‘ with auxiliary verbs.  That is,  how the auxiliaries will appear when the negative  word  ‘not’ is added to it.

The full list of auxiliaries with  ‘not’   is  given below;

Aux + not        ———>     the weak form  in  Question tag

is + not                                                      isn’t

am + not                                                   aren’t ( only in question tag; –  normally, amn’t)

eg: (1)  I am so handsome, aren’t I? ,     (2) I am not as intelligent as you, am I?

are + not                                                   aren’t

was + not                                                 wasn’t

were + not                                                weren’t

do + not                                                    don’t

does + not                                                doesn’t

did + not                                                  didn’t

has + not                                                  hasn’t

have + not                                                haven’t

had + not                                                  hadn’t

will + not                                                  won’t

shall + not                                                shan’t

would + not                                             wouldn’t

should + not                                           shouldn’t

can + not                                                 can’t

could + not                                              couldn’t

may + not                                                mayn’t

might + not                                              mightn’t

must + not                                              mustn’t

need + not                                              needn’t

dare + not                                               daren’t

used to + not                                         usedn’t   or  didn’t

ought to + not                                        oughtn’t


Let’s  see the examples one by one;

  1. It is  wonderful to see a rainbow,  isn’t it?

2. I am thinking of making a cinema,   aren’t I?

3. Children are always innocent,  aren’t they?

4. He was cooking chicken,  wasn’t he?

5. We were studying English, weren’t we?

6.  Teachers  advise students, don’t they?

7.  Martin sings well,   doesn’t he?

8.  We walked four kilometers,  didn’t we?

9.  My son has got a talent in music,  hasn’t he?

10. They have visited here once,  haven’t they?

11. He had called me,  hadn’t he?

12. They will inform you,  won’t they?

13. She shall have given the gold,  shan’t she?

14. He would drink juice,  wouldn’t he?

15. You should study well, shouldn’t you?

16. They may interfere in your affairs,  mayn’t they?

17. She might come tomorrow,  mightn’t she?

18. They must have known it,  mustn’t they?

19.  I can read it,  can’t I?

20.  She could communicate it well,  couldn’t she ?

21. You need seek an advice,  needn’t you?

22.  They dare to call him as a fool, daren’t they?

23.  He used to play cricket,  usedn’t he?  or didn’t he?

24.  you ought to obey the rules,  oughtn’t you?


Here, while studying the weak form of not with auxiliaries  in this topic ,  we have also studied how to make a negative question tag to a positive meaning sentence.

Besides this, let’s be familiar in making positive question tag to a negative meaning sentence  by  following some examples  given below,

1   I am not a prophet,  am I?

2   It is not a place to have liquor,  is it?

3   They are not genuine,  are they?

4    He was not a fool,  was he?

5    The students were not writing exam, were they?

6   Mathew did not come yesterday, did he?

7  He  does not say  the answer, does he?

8  Children do not know that, do they?

9  He  will not ask  the amount,  will he?

10 They  shall not come tomorrow,  shall they?

11  Michael would not  repeat the mistake,  would he?

12  They dare not do it,  dare they?

13  You need not  go there, need you?

14  He used not to hear songs, did he?

15  Thomas ought not to say sorry,  ought he?

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