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Voices – Complex sentences – Exercise 6

A sentence having one main clause  and  one or more sub-ordinate clauses is known as complex sentence.

If  both the main clause and sub-ordinate clause have objects, its voice can be changed, as done  in assertive sentences.   And also understand that  a  complex sentence may  have opposite  voices in their clauses. 

If  the  main clause lacks its object,  then the voice  of the complex sentence is changed in a different way .  That is discussed  in the explanations  of  6th,  7th  and  8th  questions of the following exercise.


Change the voice.

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1. If  he had taken money , he could have  arranged everything.


2. When he  was reading the boyhood days of  the hero in a story,   his school days  were remembered by him.


3.  Though he knows the answer,   it may not be said by him.


4. Ask him whether he would come tomorrow.


5. Tell John that he should attend the programme.


6. The president said that our country would be the first among the developed nations


7. Thomas says that he has finished the work.


8. It is said by Martin that all the students have been invited by him


9. Although  Merlin had invited Mary,  She did not come.


10. When he drives ,  he always uses  seat belt.




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