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Past Perfect Continuous Tense

PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE From the title,  we can  say that the ‘action’ here is in continuous form.   So ‘ing’ form of the verb is used here. When ‘ing’ form is used,   ‘Be’ forms should be there as auxiliary verbs,  to show in which tense the verb is continuing.   Here,  from the title,  we can […]

Past Perfect Tense

PAST PERFECT TENSE By the word ‘perfect’ in the  title,  we can understand that the ‘action’ being mentioned here is already completed and  by the word ‘past’, we can conclude that the ‘completed action’ is  happened   in the past tense. So,  when we make  the  pattern of past perfect tense, the  form of  ‘Have’, that […]

Past Continuous Tense

PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE   Past continuous tense is used to denote an action that was continuing in the past. Eg: John was reading an article.       Martin and his wife were travelling to Kent.       You were searching grammar in the site.   As we studied Present continuous tense and its pattern, […]

Simple Past Tense

SIMPLE PAST TENSE Simple past tense is used to denote an  ‘action’ that happened  ‘at a point of time’  in the past. Eg: Peter delivered a beautiful  speech in a function yesterday. So, we have mentioned the usage of simple past tense and,  seen an example. Now,   as usual,  we have to make the pattern […]

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