Types of sentences

Different types of sentences. On the  basis of  ‘ nature ‘ and  ‘ construction ‘, there are different types of sentences.   On the basis of  ‘nature’ sentences can be divided into ‘4 types’. They are I.  ASSERTIVE  OR DECLARATIVE SENTENCES       Denoting ‘a statement’ or  ‘a declaration’. eg: The President visited Paris The […]

Concord, the subject verb agreement

THE  CONCORD  OR  THE SUBJECT  VERB AGREEMENT There is an ‘agreement’ between ‘subjects’ and ‘verbs’,  named ‘Concord’,  and  the agreement is that, if the ‘subject’ is ‘singular’  the ‘verb’  should be ‘singular’.   Likewise , if the ‘subject’ is ‘plural’ the ‘verb’ should  also be plural. It is ‘auxiliary verbs’ that makes the ‘verb’ either […]

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