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Parts of speech and their definitions

We know that  a group of letters giving a meaning is called  a word.

Eg;  chair, Australia, Jancy, she, good, study, well, on, and, Alas etc…

And we also know that  a sentence or a clause or a phrase is made by a group of words.

This topic  states that these words are categorized in eight different names according to  what they do in a sentence or a clause or a phrase etc.  as,

  1. Nouns


  1. Pronouns


  1. Adjectives


  1. Verbs


  1. Adverbs


  1. Prepositions


  1. Conjunctions


  1. Interjections


…..and  commonly called  as  PARTS OF SPEECH


Now, let’s have a primary knowledge about it.



A Noun is a word that indicates the name of a person, place or thing.


Let’s look at the following examples.

  1. The chair is made of fibre


The words chair and fibre indicate the name of a thing.


  1. Jancy is going to Australia next week.

The word Australia indicates the name of a  place and the word Jancy indicates the name of a person.


More  examples,

  • Martin, Jacob, Merlin, Mary etc… ( name of  persons)
  • India, America, Japan, Britain etc….. ( name of countries, ie. places )
  • Pencil, computer, box, paper etc….   ( name of things)






A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.

Eg.Mathew entered the room and then he searched for the book.

The word he is used instead of the noun Mathew.


More  examples,

They, we, it, that, which, etc….



An adjective is a word used to qualify or modify or to add something to the meaning of a noun.

Eg. The tea is  hot.

The word hot qualifies the noun tea.


More  examples,

Cold, warm, handsome, tasty, delicious, tender etc….




A Verb is a word used to express an action or a state.

Eg. Robert plays violin beautifully.

        The word plays expresses an action

         English is one of the prominent languages in the world.

        The word is expresses the state of the language English.


More  examples,

Read, write, go, run, watch, remember, remind, was, were, thought, surprised, etc….




An Adverb is a word used to qualify or modify a verb or sometimes to add something to the meaning of an adjective or another adverb.

Eg.  Mathew sang the song beautifully.

       The word beautifully qualifies the verb  sang.

       He is very handsome.

       The word very adds something to the meaning of the adjective handsome.

Sachin plays the shot quite beautifully.

       The word quite adds something to the meaning of the adverb beautifully.


More  examples,

Quickly, suddenly, well, hard, rather, fairly etc…




A preposition is a word used with a noun or  a pronoun to show its relation to something else.

Eg. He is in the room.

The word in shows the relation of the pronoun he to the noun room.


More  examples,

On, over,under, up, down, to, into, along, across, etc…..




A conjunction is a word used to connect words or sentences.

Eg.  Merlin and her mother went to Canada.

       The word and connects the words Merlin and her mother.


More  examples,

Because, since, as, nevertheless, though, but, etc…




An Interjection is a word expressing some sudden feelings.

Eg. Alas! We lost the match.

The word Alas expresses the sudden feeling of despair or frustration.


More examples,

Hurray!, damn!, Wow!,  Oh! etc..


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