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Degrees of Comparison – Exercise 1


Change the degrees as directed.

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1. Martin is not so honest as  his brother.  ( into  comparative degree)


2. No other boy in his class is so tall as he.    (into superlative)


3. Very few students in the school are so talented as Mary.   (into comparative)


4. Jacob is richer than most other business icons  in  the group.  ( into superlative)


5. No other cricketer is so talented as  Sachin Tendulkar.   ( into comparative)


6. King Lear  is one of the most popular  tragedies of Shakespeare.  ( into positive degree)


7. Mathew is cleverer than any other  boy in his class.  ( into positive degree)



8. Martin is not so smart as  Mathew.   ( into comparative )


9. P.B. Shelley is more famous than any other revolutionary poet in English.  ( into positive)


10. My college days is  one of the most beautiful periods in my life.  ( into comparative degree)




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