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Confusing adjectives

Confusing Adjectives.   1  Little,  a little,  the little     ( tells about quantity) Little:   hardly any/ practically no   ( negative  meaning) Eg:  There is little water in the Jar. A little:    some    ( positive meaning) Eg:  A little inspiration can make him confident The little: small quantity  ( relatively smaller than a little) […]

Conversion of degrees of adjectives in sentences

 Conversion of   Degrees  in sentences. Here, in this topic, we are going to study  the   conversions of  degrees of adjectives in sentences. First of all,  let’s go through the following sentences and analyze it. Jacob is  a  clever boy. In this sentence we can see the adjective clever ,  and also the sentence is in […]

Synthetic and Analytic method in degrees of adjectives

  Synthetic and Analytic method in the degrees of adjectives     Degrees of adjectives are used to compare  ‘two’ or ‘more’ nouns to mention the difference in their same quality. Before studying it,   let’s be familiar with adjectives. Words that qualify   nouns  or   tell  about their quality, quantity, kind, number, etc are termed […]

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