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Present Perfect Continuous

PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE The present perfect continuous tense is  used to denote a continuing action like present continuous tense.  But there is a difference between them.   If present continuous tense is  normally used to show an action going on at the time of speaking, present perfect continuous tense is used to denote an action […]

Present Perfect Tense

PRESENT PERFECT TENSE First of all, let’s just analyse the title.  Here,  we know that the word in the title  present means now.    Then,  what  the word  perfect  means here…?   Don’t worry,   in  tense,  it means a completed verb, that is a completed action.  So,  we can say that  ‘this completed verb […]

Present Continuous

PRESENT CONTINUOUS    or   PRESENT PROGRESSIVE TENSE   Normally,  in continuous tenses,  ‘ing’ form of the verbs,  that is, the gerund form of the verbs  are  used to show continuity,  and  the auxiliaries  that help them are the forms of ‘Be’ ( Be-forms), that is,  ‘is’, ‘am’, ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘were’.  Here, the title  Present continuous tense  says […]

Simple Present Tense

SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE   or   PRESENT INDEFINITE We have studied in the topic,  ‘Sentences‘  that the general pattern of a  sentence is  ‘S + V + O’.  In this pattern the Verb is supposed to be in any tense according to  the time of the actions. That is , the auxiliaries that help the […]

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