The list of verbs

 The list of verbs “Verb”   is an action done by a subject .   The  topic  list of verbs  explains different forms of verbs  as shown below.      1.  MAIN VERBS or  NORMAL VERBS or  ORDINARY VERBS or PRINCIPAL VERBS or  INFINITIVES  or  NON FINITES The term is used to denote verbs without having […]

Singular and plural

Subjects  in   numbers and  persons  Subjects  can be classified on the basis of  “Numbers”  and   “Persons” On the basis of  “numbers” it can be classified into “Singular and Plural” subjects.  Singular subjects If the subject of a sentence is only  “one”  person or thing in “number”, then the subject is said to be “singular”. eg: […]

Sentence, structure, predicate and complement

A  sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense.    eg: We often plan tour programmes for a refreshment  In the above example  we can see seven words  without  ‘ a ‘ and it is grouped in a particular order  for making a complete sense. That means only a group of words cannot […]

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