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Singular and plural

Subjects  in   numbers and  persons 

Subjects  can be classified on the basis of  “Numbers”  and   “Persons”

On the basis of  “numbers” it can be classified into “Singular and Plural” subjects.

  •  Singular subjects

If the subject of a sentence is only  “one”  person or thing in “number”, then the subject is said to be “singular”.

eg: George plays violin beautifully.

Here, the  “do-er” of the verb  “play”  is only  “George”  and  there is nobody  with him to do the verb.

So we can say that  the subject  “George”  is  “singular”  in the sentence.

Let’s  go through a similar sentence

The train stops at every station.

Without any delay, we can say that  the subject  “Train”  is singular as we mention about only one train in the sentence.

  • Plural subjects

Let’s  look at the following examples.

  1. John and Mathew   often meet at club
  2. Three men came  into the room  and  kidnapped the boy
  3. Songs always make us peace and calm

In the first sentence the subject of the verb is both  “John” and  “Mathew” ( two in numbers),  in the second one “Three men” (three in numbers ) is the subject and in the third one  “songs ( more than three in numbers ) is the subject.

Any way the subjects in the sentences are, on the whole, more than one in numbers.

So we can say,  the subjects  more than one in numbers are called Plural subjects.


  On the basis of  ” Persons “  subjects can be divided into  ” three ” , such as

  • First Person,
  • Second Person and
  • Third Person subjects.


  1.  First Person subjects

There are only  two  First Person subjects,  that is ” I ” and  ” We”

eg. I  study Grammar,

We  dream of being proficient in Grammar.

   2.  Second Person subject

There is only  ‘one’  Second Person subject that is,  ” You “

  3.  Third Person Subjects

The subjects except  ” I “,  ” We “,  and  ” You”  are considered as Third Person subjects.

eg. He,   She,   They,   It,   etc

Subjects in Persons at a glance

First Person      Second Person     Third Person  

        I                        You                      He

      We                                                 She


                                                            It,  etc

First person singular subject is  ‘ I ‘,

First person plural subject is  ‘ We ‘

Second person ‘ You ‘  is always considered as a  ‘ plural subject  ‘.

So  we have studied that  on the basis of  numbers  subjects  can be categorized as  singular and plural  and  on the basis of  persons  subjects can be classified  as  First,  second and  third persons.

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