Reported speech ( rules for changing persons)

Rules for changing persons in Reported speech. We have studied that the ‘first person pronouns’ of ‘direct speech’ will be changed into  ‘third person pronouns’ ,     and   ‘second person pronouns’  will be changed into  either ‘first person’ or  ‘third person’  in reported speech. But these changes are occurred  ‘depending on  the reporting object’, […]

Reported speech (Changes in second person)

‘Second person’ in direct speech is changed into  either  ‘first person’  or  ‘third person’  in  reported speech, as shown below. Direct speech         ————->              Reported speech Second person  ——————>  First person      or   Third person You (Sub)                 […]

Reported speech( changes in first person pronouns)

In this topic, we are going to discuss the  changes in first person pronouns and also in their  ‘possessive adjectives’,  ‘possessive pronouns’  and  ’emphatic’ or ‘reflexive pronouns’.   Here, we don’t have to concern about the tense form of the reporting verbs. I.  ‘First person’ pronouns in ‘direct speech’  is  changed into   ‘third person’ pronouns in ‘reported speech’, as follows, […]

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